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Welcome to the Van Werven Lab

The aim of the Van Werven lab is to elucidate the molecular mechanisms by which the cell integrates multiple signals to achieve a binary cell fate decision – whether or not to differentiate. Unfolding these mechanisms is critical for the understanding of how cell specialization leads to multicellularity during development, and how impaired signaling can cause abnormal development and diseases such as cancer.

   Dipliod cell                4 haploid spores

The budding yeast S. cerevisiae is an ideal model system to study this problem. In response to a combination of extracellular and intracellular cues diploid budding yeast undergoes a highly conserved cell differentiation program called gametogenesis or sporulation to generate for haploid spores. More on this can be read on our research page.

News and Updates

14/11/16 We moved into a new building.

14/09/16 We published an article on how synchronous sporulation can be achieved. See here.

15/08/16 We have published a short article on how nutrients regulate mating-type control of sporulation. See here.

07/06/16 Our paper with Hilla is published. See here.


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